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We all know to be weary of the internet nowadays, taking everything we read with a pinch of salt, only clicking on trustworthy links etc… But what about the con artists who dress up their money making scams like real professionals?

I got talking to a nice lady on Twitter the other week, admittedly to try to sell my (tried and tested) social media services and she admitted to not knowing what she was doing.  This is the first mistake people make, it is not better to have a twitter account than to not if you don’t know how to use it.  Scores of potential clients can be put of even following you, let alone spending money with you (which is after all the point of all this!).  This particular lady told me she was booked into a course to teach her to use twitter effectively and actually managed to tag the name of the course leader who she obviously knew through other routes.  So I checked this lady out. 

Neither her twitter profile nor her website mentioned social media, other than links to her own, let alone previous clients and how she has impacted on their success.  Sure enough she has 2000 followers which might seem impressive to a novice but on closer inspection none of them are what I would call relevant (one day I will open a dedicated twitter account with only spam accounts following me… just to make a point!) and to be fair it would have cost her about £5 to buy 2000 irrelevant followers, a practise that is not only pointless but endlessly frustrating to real business people like myself.

I left my original follower my details and wished her the best of luck.  Sadly this morning I woke at 8am to see this in my feed “Good Morning all and have a great !” and my heart sank.  I use something very similar to demonstrate annoying tweets that should never be esp. in business accounts.  Personally I automatically unfollow people immediately who send out rubbish like that. 

So this innocent lady has wasted her time and money attending a course held by someone she trusts who hasn’t even taught her the basis of twitter!  I think its disgusting and similar to tradesmen or mechanics who pray on people who aren’t tradesmen or mechanics expect anyone can call themselves a social media expert (or not and still hold courses in it!) without any real training or experience in how to actually make money from one of the most powerful tools available. 

As mentioned on my Social Media page I have years of experience, not just with Twitter and Facebook but also Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp etc…  I have many references from real businesses explaining how I have helped their business.  My current client Funky Nell have already given me another account due to the success of the clothing range but I can always handle more (and have a team of highly trained monkeys to pick up the slack if needs be!). 

So don’t be fooled, drop me an email today and I’ll explain how I can help grow any kind of business.


One thought on “Social Media cons

  1. A follow up story – I recieved a message on one of the Facebook pages I manage saying this “Hi are you interested in promotion?

    I do deals for clothing lines and I have 150k followers :)”

    I giggled a little bit as the lad was about 17 and it’s cute that he is trying to earn some cash but I sent him this as it would be rude to ignore him…

    “Hi thanks for your message. We have a company handling our social media and they are very cheap.”

    He responded within seconds with “I charge £12 for 500 likes and £20 for 1000 likes” and again I just laughed and left it. My plan was to leave him a few hours before explaining the concept of promotion, social media and how we might as well burn that £20 for all the good 1000 irrelevant, paid for ‘likes’ would do us but when I checked again I noticed my boss had already replied… “likes mean very little if people are not buying it, likes may not be relevant. you are welcome to like and share our page and if anyone buys anything as a direct result, we can perhaps talk….have a lovely weekend.”

    I couldn’t have put it better myself! Other than pointing out that I have managed 2 of their social media accounts for a month for £20 (gaining many relevant fans in the process, not 1000 admittedly but people who might want to buy the products!). It really is the cheapest, most effective social media management available so spread the word…

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