Close up photos

I’m mainly talking about food photos here… now i follow a lot of restaurants and cafes and cupcake establishments partly because I love food, especially cake but from a professional point of view I have run several very successful foodie venues and could help most of them in some way whether it be with marketing or operationally.

Lets face it, most of them have made it onto Twitter now and whilst the jury is still out as to whether this is a good thing I’ve found one aspect particularly disturbing and that’s the close up pictures of food that accompany most of their tweets.

How hypocritical I hear you cry and yes I am the first to point out that all commercial tweets should offer the reader something, usually a picture or video but it is so easy to get it wrong… sick
… and make it look as though someone has vomited on a plate and you are trying to charge the general public £14.99 for a plate of fresh sick.

The point of close up foodie pics is to make things look appetising and literally make people’s mouths water so before posting next time ask yourself what the photo actually looks like (to someone quickly glimpsing at it for a fraction of a second, the usual amount of time spent ingesting each tweet, as opposed to the person who cooked it!) and if it looks like something that has already been through someones digestive system don’t post it… or better still give me a shout and I’ll come and take some decent snaps for you (probably for a fraction of the price your paying, unless your one of those chefs who think you are also a great manager and a great photographer and a great marketer and a great dj etc etc…).

Lets end on a happy note with someone who got it right… congrats to Pinchjos in West Didsbury, Manchester for this perfectly mouth-watering delicious photo… pin… I can’t wait for my yearly date to come and try your lovely looking tapas!

EDIT – sorry couldn’t resist this amazing example of someone getting it epically wrong… ewwwww! sick2 im not going to name names but if this is your photo PLEASE stop! I will do you a first photoshoot for free… hungover people could be seeing that and throwing up as I type!

ANOTHER EDIT – I’m in a pretty bad mood as it is but then I saw this…
I could have gotten on board with the concept but then I saw that! Again no names but this was retweeted by a serial offender in the vomit photo race and if i hadn’t of taken the time to read it closely I wouldn’t even know they were essential bacon chips… it looks like pasta with fried calamari, blood and puss and cat litter! Well that’s what I saw!!!

apologies to anyone for stealing your photos and slating them but if you listen I am actually talking sense… Does anyone in the North West know that the food in photos in magazines is covered with chemicals and totally inedible (as well as the inevitable photoshopping which happens to every single photo in every single magazine everywhere!)?


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