Birth and Death

In approximately 3 minutes Greater Manchester turns 40!

Take a second to marvel on the concept that my adopted home, birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, only came about in its current form 40 years ago. Crazy.

With birth comes the inevitable end and the first bit of news I saw today was that house music pioneer Frankie Knuckles has past away. I deemed it worthy of a Facebook status as nobody else had done so.

During my initial twit flick (that sounds ruder than its supposed to!) I noticed a tweet from John Robb mentioning Steve Lloyd. I was thinking to myself what a common name it was as I clicked to the link but a few sentenses in there was no doubt that he was talking about the sudden death of Steve from Noisebox.

Seconds later this was verified by a facebook link from one of the Bierkeller’s sound engineers and I remembered a facebook status from a couple of days ago that I barely noticed at the time.

I didn’t know him well and hadn’t seen him for years but Steve was genuinely one of the nicest blokes I have ever met. He was always in a rush but so very chilled and if you ever got a hug from him you would remember it!

In the video I made of the last few days of the Bierkeller there is a shot going up the stairs and someone is stood in the porch… that was Steve coming to pick up the last of the Noisebox pa. That was probably the last time I saw him.

Rest In Peace Steve, your impact on our 40 year old city will never be forgotten.


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