Naughty naughty

Poetically after reading about why so many businesses are scared to utilise social media I read this in my Twitter feed

“Promotion staff required – Must be reliable, female, low self esteem and a 6/10 minimum. Inbox for details.”

The offender was actually a chain of local indie bars that until today I had admired for their individuality and the owner is a bit of a personal hero (if she still owns it?). But in the few seconds it takes to send a tweet they have lost 3 customers and countless others if this spreads (and to be fair they havent even deleted the offending tweet).

The fact that they followed up with how it was a joke just added fuel to the fire and if I was their line manager whoever sent that tweet would be out of a job right now… well before they had the chance to send out anymore!

It’s obvious why it is offensive to women and anyone with any insecurities about their looks and the female bit is actually illegal and could get the company in a lot of trouble but my main problem with it which is yet to be addressed, not only is inboxing called DM on Twitter but only people that Odd bars follow can DM them!

A CLASSIC case of getting non professionals to do your social media… and a note to the managers/owners/whoever is ultimately going to take responsibility for this – a statement of apology would be a good gesture, not trying to be cooler than cool and carry this on… Get in touch, I’ve sorted out much worse messes than this!


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