Social Media

Anyone can open a Twitter account or make a Facebook page but not only are they time consuming, they are difficult to master.  Many businesses actually do more harm than good with social media, annoying potential customers with repetitive, irrelevant messages which are soon blocked or ignored as spam.

For as little as £2.50 a week 303 solutions can maintain your social media accounts or from just £10 we can create a unique account/page/group and either set up a strategy to run it for you or give you the necessary tools to maintain it yourself.  We can even help you hire staff just to promote your business via social media outlets.

See immediate results with minimum outlay… In 2010 303 solutions increased the weekly net profit of a city centre bar by £2000 by simply creating 1 official Facebook page and Twitter account (backed up by existing You Tube channel and website) and getting staff and customers to interact regularly with them.

How Does It Work?
My most frequently asked question! It’s very simple; just text or email with any news, photos, videos you have and we construct a post or tweet etc to suit your audiences. In addition, where most other companies sit on their backsides and wait for you to send stuff 303 solutions will actively find posts of interest to your followers eg Absolute Bowie’s followers want to see posts about the real David Bowie as well as his tribute band.

With talented, creative writers at hand we can tweet or post in any style you like eg an urban record label will have a different rapport with its fans than someone selling homemade candles so we reflect that in every post.

And YES, it is only £10 a month, that’s not a typo! Just because other companies proudly advertise a fraction of the service for anywhere up to £175 a month, it doesn’t mean 303 solutions can’t continue to offer the service for what it’s worth… no hipsters in sight!



One thought on “Social Media

  1. “Solutions 303. were excellent. Extremely Friendly and kept me up to date with every development. They made the whole situation simple and stress free. I cannot fault their service.
    Andrew. Merseyside

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